The path for the training of professional Ghinatti Chiara, begins from childhood through his father, Naturopath Osvaldo Ghinatti, born in 1943, now retired, a pioneer in the fusion of traditional medicine (through the attainment of the Degree in Physiotherapy and radiology technician-in those years, title only) with the alternative one (after 17 years of serving in the hospital, he decided to start his own business and achieved the diploma in Naturopathy, Acupuncture and, finally,  also a second degree in Dentistry).

It was, in fact, precisely her father the one to open Chiara Ghinatti’s  road and  heart to this professional sector.
Chiara Ghinatti approached the health sphere and “parasanitario” system (as said in Spain, when referring to the alternatives practices), precisely through the work experience of her father, assimilating almost by osmosis his passion and dedication to work on people who complained of aches and pains, and almost feeling the same deep satisfaction to see them finally regain wellness apparently lost. For this, and much more reasons, she decided to set sanitary goals, from an early age, as part of her studies, on the basis of her objective.

Born on november 4, 1988, Chiara Ghinatti received her diploma at the Classical Hig School “Ludovico Antonio Muratori”, in Modena, in July 2007. After completing studies in the humanities, because of percibing the mathematical group of notions as weakest in her knowledges, she  decides to improve her knowledge of  math,  scientific evidence and biochemical theme,  subscribing to “Biology Department“, in Modena, where could go deeper in the studies of physical-chemical-biological aspects.

Not being in her sights achieving a bachelor in this matter, she gets satisfacted in dedicating the required years for the deepening of the above-mentioned areas (each of which proved to be, then, very useful during the certification in technology of the “BioQuantic Resonance”, which took place some years later), to proceed. later, with her training path elsewhere .

In the meantime, for personal interest, enrols at ” Economics and Commerce  Department- Marco Biagi”, in Modena, where she graduated in “Economics and International Marketing” in the year 2011.

Learned the recognition and the high level of studies of osteopathy abroad, she decides to settle in Spain, Tenerife, where she continues with her training in sanitary, through the Diploma in “Structural Osteopathy“, at the study centre located to the north of the island, according to a course fully certified and recognized, lasting 3 years behind the assistance, support and notions of professors Graduated in Medicine and Surgery, and specialized in most modern techniques coming from the larger areas of Spain, fully prepared and updated. During this first year of studies, Ghinatti Chiara achieves, in Spain, also the certificate of authorized representative of technology “BioQuantic Resonance“, instruments through which it is possible to investigate the molecular equilibrium values of cellular hydration, baropodomethrical support, muscle mass and many other valid elements for the study of the person, valid as well to everybody used to a regular sporting activity, as not.

Still not satisfied, in that same center, during the second year of studies, in 2015, Chiara Ghinatti decides to graduate, simultaneously to the course of Osteopathy, also in Podale and Palmar Reflexology, in order to learn not only to liberate the somatic tensions and rebalance the fisologica layout of the structures that compose the axis of the body, but above all to be able to locate the tensions and go to act precisely on the points where the latter is mentioned to be chronicle.

Ghinatti Chiara completes her studies in July of 2017, graduating with full marks in “Structural Osteopathy” and in “Podale and Palmar Reflexology“.
After having achieved the residence in Spain, she starts her activity and enrolled in the COFENAT association – the guarantor of the full support of all those professions forming part of “parasanitario” system (Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Osteopathy, etc.), wich has the equivalent value of a professional register. There, she begins to work on the various cases and subject, both at her studio both by journeying to domicile, on request, in any area of the island, reaching people who were stucked because of the pain. More and more people start, so, to know little by little her technique, untill that the success of word of mouth leads to new collaborations, starting giving her services also in other centers, with more therapists. Among the many, still remains valuable the collaboration with a center of Reiki and Alternative Medicine, located in the south of the island, where Chiara Ghinatti could experience and touch with hand the great advantage that it is possible to obtain by returning to the person both physical health and emotional support.

During one of her occasional travel back to Modena, she had the opportunity to make the knowledge of the surgeon specialized in Cardiology, Dr. Fabio Alfredo  Sgura , operating in Modena and in Ostuni, native of the latter one.
For being he himself enthusiastic too about the idea of a potential collaboration- that would offer more service to people of a certain age who attended his studio, and less effort during the implementation of movements apparently banal, but for themselves fundamental to avoid straining even the heart- for the professional Chiara Ghinatti gets open the opportunity to serve, occasionally, according to precise dates, as external autonomous consultant, at the study of Dr. Sgura, located in Modena.
In January 2018, she decides to extend her profession to  southern Italy, in Ostuni, where the professional visits still today , in precise dates.

Chiara Ghinatti finalizes her studies in Osteopathy, in Barcelona, obtaining the certificates of Visceral Osteopathy and Craneal Osteopathy.

Not anymore working with dr. Sgura, without altering her professional basis, located in Spain, in Tenerife, in the south of the island, where lies her personal centre, Chiara Ghinatti continues to serve both in Modena, both in Ostuni, during periods, at regular intervals among the year.
With the firm intention to continue to grow up and improve as a professional, she keeps working every day to better, by giving the maximum of her ability, in order to bring to term the goal and the dream of a life: Return wellness and serenity, who feared to have lost both.